Arar rumours: like Pronger rumours,only with uglier chicks

Posted on Steve Janke's Angry in the Great White North by "Roger":

Jack now supports Mr.Arar's $400 million dollar Law suit against Canadians for what Arabs did to him under the same Liberal Government the NDP supported to get same-gender marriage in canada, BUT , here's the interesting twist, Layton knew Arar and the Hamas linked CAIR was abetting him since Sheema Khan revealed that CAIR coaches Muslims to avoid Helping CSIS and the RCMP stop terrorist from murdering Westerners or Canadians right here , so Jack uses Arar's wife to run for the NDP in Ottawa where Momin Khawaja was arrested to prove the RCMP's fears a terrorism cell that CAIR told Arar not to expose or help Canada arrest before using bombs in Londons subway, Arar's wife is a Palestinian/Muslim/pro-sharia law follower and gays in palestine are murdered right in the streets under Sharia .

Speaking of Pronger, I saw on TSN today that Pronger talked about the rumours swirling as he left Edmonton: "It started off with I slept with so-and-so, and I'm having kids, then it moved to my wife sleeping with some of my teammates."

Wow, your wife was sleeping around too? I hadn't actually heard that one. Thanks Chris!


drjay1980 said...

You never heard I planted a foot of cock in her arse??