"And Sugar, we're going down swinging" -- The fantasy baseball playoff FallOutBoy

I won. Ha ha.

Just a little friendly gloating. As you may recall from yesterday, I was locked in an immortal struggle in the small head-to-head fantasy baseball league I'm in with my buddies. You may also note that things looked dark around 2:30pm on Sunday. Well, I won. Tied, really, but that's a win anyways as we've discussed:

Turns out his leaving out Arroyo was a good move. But had I been watching more carefully, I'd have known to replace Chipper Jones with Chone Figgins, get a 5th stolen base, and get the 5-5-2 tie anyways. That's neither here nor there, of course: differing circumstances are just that...the circumstances that never happened.

Naturally, he's a little choked: he was beating me the entire week, beat me in the regular season, and actually never fell behind at any given point of the race. Or, as he says:

JOOOOOREEYYY. I tie the [censored -ed] in our match, but have a better record during the regular season and the league says he beats me??!?? Who's the commissioner and what's he going to do about this injustice??

The Commissioner, of course, is me. BWA HA HA!

My Edmonton Separatists (see this post from yesterday) also won their playoff match yesterday, falling to 5-4-1, but that's good enough to win. (Heck, if 6-6-0 is a win, so is 5-4-1).

The Alberta Mariners (again, check yesterday's post) won in the Consolidation Round's semifinals, a nice 6-3-1 victory that bumps me into at least "third place" (9th place).