The familiar trajectory of trans-testicles like @TheJessieKirk: morally and intellectually superior conservative views require censorship

It took a while due to a couple computer issues and a lost password that turned out to take forever to figure out, my editor finally got his Twitter account up and running, and we could start posting the blogposts we've been making since last October.

One of them was pointing out that this faggot named Jessie Kirk, who's even more mentally ill than even the typical sodomite, thought that author J.K. Rowling was "harming" people by pointing out the unpleasant truth: Jessie will never be a woman. He can cut off all the parts of him that make him think he's a man, "feminize" his face, and it doesn't matter. He won't be a woman.

Claiming it's "harmful" is of course referencing the suicide rate of trannies, which believe it or not is even higher than it is for poofters. The claim by these retarded activists of course is that it's caused by "hurtful speech" such as the "hateful" statements of J.K. Rowling such as....er...."why don't you acknowledge that the fact of your biology means its unfair to have you compete in women's only sporting events"?

Yep, that's all it takes to drive them to suicide. Which of course was the point of the original post: if that's all it takes, then clearly your mental health is even worse off than we previously thought. If simple things like the truth set you off, then eventually one of these "harmful truths" will have bled through past the social media censorship regime they are working so hard to implement and the end result will be a suicide.

To wit: if this is all it takes to kill you, you're going to be killed by it. It's like a severe hemophiliac getting a minor injury (like sodomy it has a fairly effective cure so you have to imagine a scenario where they refuse treatment and instead demand a month to express pride in their condition). It will be fatal, but in this scenario there's only so long before we can protect them from the greater world. If this same "hemophilia pride" individual tried to go out into the wider world than their tragic death would be inevitable.

What was this dude's response? Simple: to whine like a woman that nobody should be allowed to speak the truth to him.

As the post title notes, I'm better than him in every conceivable way. I freely admit he'll never be able to be as good a man as I am, and even if he was just a garden variety faggot who didn't cut off his balls he'd still have the disease of his lifestyle choice weighing him down. Yet if even hearing that causes him such distress?

There are men better than me. Sean Connery is dead, but there's still Clint Eastwood. I'm sure a couple more examples could come to mind. Steven James Anderson, and....well, if we work hard we'll come up with a few more. The point being, if an example of a man who was better than me was brought up, my response wouldn't be to slit my wrists. For ass pirates like Jessie Kirk, that's not the case.

I don't know how I'll die. BBQ fire, duel with another mathematician, lung cancer, or firefight with some nigger trying to steal my car. There are a lot of possibilities. Unlike Jessie Kirk, the answer won't be AIDS, monkeypox, or suicide. We all die from something, it's only a matter of time.

Curing his illness, not covering up the truth about it, is the only way to cure him.