@bruceskelhorne - Can we keep murderous women out of secure airport areas?

Now that Roe vs. Wade got the final verdict that even Bader-Ginsburg predicted would happen we're seeing even more people who claimed mandating vaccinations (a medical process) were okay because of the unproven contention that not getting vaccinated caused other people harm, while abortions (a murder) are okay because they ignore the biological fact that a human life is killed 100% of the time in the process.

Ignore that for today and give Bruce all the points of his garbage argument: he didn't lose any rights to refuse a vaccine and women have the right to an abortion. That being said, why can't we setup our society the way the Viro Fascists did over the past year?

Every woman has the right to get an abortion.

Women who have had abortions (remember, public healthcare means we will always know) however cannot work for the federally regulated industries, cannot board airplanes or trains, and are forbidden to enter bars and restaurants. [the looser thighs that caused the abortion to begin with are less likely without access to nightclubs, a handy additional consequence! -ed]

If you have an abortion outside of Canada you must be quarantined until you're no longer a threat to more babies (ie. until you're sterile by either your own choice or by the ravishes of time)

Nobody is preventing you from having an abortion. However since you're acknowledged as an unrepentant murderer for safety reasons we have to limit your role in society. You have that abortion right you wanted so badly, but all choices have consequences and Prime Minister Lewis has determined this is the consequence for yours, and actions which motivate you to choose otherwise are for the good of the economy.