Thomas Schneider is smarter than a woman

Thomas Schneider has become Jeopardy's 5th most winning champion.

Oddly enough, that's not how the professional liars in the mainstream media are reporting it. Thomas, you see, has wore a dress and called himself Amy, and therefore has been declared "the winningest female Jeopardy champion" even though he's a dude.

It's a nice gig: we've seen it in sporting events. Global National wanted to talk about the Canadian women's soccer team winning Gold in the Tokyo Olympics without mentioning the inconvenient fact that they cheated by having men on the team. Of course there's no shortage of men who announce they are women (they aren't), competing against the women, and beating them because men are physically stronger. Ask Whitney Houston if you don't believe me.

Hilariously, if you needed further proof men are smarter than women here you go: even a man with severe mental retardation can beat a woman in a contest of the mind. Geesh, sorry ladies, that must be a tough one to bear.

I'm sure they've already gotten over it though. After all, there's another far older game of mental acuity that women simply are incapable of competing against us in: chess. Despite what propaganda you've been fed in entirely fictional stories like The Queen's Gambit, men absolutely destroy women when it comes to chess. Like, it's not even close. Exactly one woman in all of history has been ranked in the top ten at any point.

It's almost as if, and stop me if you've heard this before: men's brains and women's brains are fundamentally different. Even a broken-down man's brain who thinks its a woman's brain, like Thomas Schneider, can operate superior to a woman's brain which is mainly a repository for recipes and a burning desire to watch home improvement shows.

As contests of intellect memorization goes, Jeopardy was one of the areas in which they relatively shine (Thomas becoming the best "woman" and becoming 5th best overall is a level of achievement the women of the chess world wish they were achieving). Even that has been taken away from them by a man who knows Broadway hits of the late 60s and Chinese art during the Zhou dynasty, but is apparently unaware of the scientific fact that you can't change your sex through the magical power of wishing.