@mbiletski - It's Paul's healthcare system, not yours

Sorry, but in a government-run healthcare system the government will run it. Paul Merriman is the health minister for Saskatchewan, so the healthcare system is his to run. If collapsing it is good public policy (hint: it is, but abolishing it entirely is even better) than he should be commended for doing so.

That's mild hyperbole, of course: he could be trying (and failing) to implement real health policy goals for the government, which would cause him to resign particularly if "not collapsing the system" was a goal and that was indeed the result of his stewardship. However, implementing policies even if they stress the healthcare system isn't necessarily a horrible admonishment for which he should be punished, and if you've been watching the news since October 18th you may have noticed no stories about the Saskatchewan healthcare system collapsing (well, no more than you would have heard from 1965 until 2019 anyways).

I've mentioned this a few times, but it bears repeating: so long as healthcare is a public endeavour, it exists entirely to serve us. This is why the "protect the NHS" nonsense or even the "flatten the curve" bit was already pure hogwash. I don't exist to protect the public healthcare system I am banned from abstaining from: they exist to serve me. And I mean serve with all my heart: if we oppose "for-profit" healthcare then nurses shouldn't be paid and if "healthcare is a human right" then doctors cannot be allowed to retire. If the staff are near exhaustion and under tremendous stress, I don't care slaves, keep working until you drop. This is the system you demand and advocate and vote for, so I want the only party suffering as a result to be you and not me.

As alluded above, the solution to these problems is to privatize it. Sadly, neither Miranda nor Paul are clever enough to make it happen.