A new project for the recently single Bill Gates

Now that he and Melinda are splitsville, can he maybe look into this issue with Windows 10 Minesweeper, where a giant black "drag the mouse to scroll the board / use the mouse scroll to zoom in and out" bar blocks your view of the minefield and makes anything outside of an intermediate-difficulty game useless, and no matter what you do it won't go away?

Bonus WTF: So this has been an issue since Windows 8 and at least February 2014 and there's only been one other post in the history of the internet about it? (No solution by the way). What does that say to the popularity of the once-colossus of Minesweeper and FreeCell?

Bonus thing Microsoft can fix: no, I don't want to see ads every 3 games when playing what used to be installed default.