Living in a Bub(b)lé

I admit I hadn't hear about the April controversy where Michael Bublé had a "controversial" video.

It's your daily reminder that apparently everything is controversial to the far-left feminazis and that you can't make them happy (even with a dick in the mouth) and therefore you might as well not even bother.

After all, you may read an account of the incident (or the death threats he received over the next month!) and think his actions might be in some way whatsoever inappropriate.

In one of the live sessions, when Luisana spoke over her husband, he got annoyed and elbowed her. He immediately followed it up by pushing her close to him and hugging her, which led to her apologizing to him.

When fans saw the bizarre interaction between the couple, they felt that the singer was being too "harsh" and "aggressive" towards his wife and soon began expressing their concerns for Luisana. Things got worse when in an earlier video, he could be heard declaring to his wife that she is dead to him, after she got a couple of minutes late for their filming. Fans perceived it as a regular pattern of behavior in their household and called out the singer for his remarks.
And then you watch the video:

That was the entirety of the "elbow" and the "pushing her close" incident. A nudge and a slight pull in. That was the incident that was "controversial" and "got fans upset"? If this is "abuse" to these people then you might as well just beat the shit out of her. You'll be hated and accused either way, so at least get your shots in.