What lies will Premier Lukaszuk force upon your children, and how will he try to get away with it?

Last night, PC Leadership Candidate Thomas Lukaszuk didn't like my idea that if his Faggot-Familiar Alliances can be formed in schools, then kids should be also able to form groups that unify and declare that the sodomite lifestyle is wrong and will not be considered as equal to superior heterosexual relations. Specifically, he didn't like that I was trying to "make it political".

Of course, it didn't take long before the poofters started crowing how great it was that Lukaszuk was "one of them" (no, not that way...we think...)

Anybody who doesn't think that sodomy is a political project is, of course, kidding themselves sixteen ways until Sunday. After all, we covered just a few months ago this very topic, caused when pro-uranist politicians tried to use legislative power to enforce their agenda on schools from one corner of the province to the other. It's quite clear from his campaigning that Lukaszuk wishes that Motion 503 had passed (and equally clear he's glad that Motion 502 was defeated). His supporters dream of him enforcing this sick vision on schoolkids when he's crowned Premier. But no, whatever would make us think that this was some sort of political thing?

What is non-political in Thomas Lukaszuk's world? Anything he'd rather you didn't debate him on. Anything he knows he cannot defend. So he does what all liberals do: tries to bend the language to obscure the reality behind his schemes. Occasionally, he gets caught. After all, he started this whole nonsense off by spouting some inane blather. So I called him on it:

How long did Lukaszuk's requirement that schools be inclusive for all kids, no exceptions last? 

About eight minutes.

Even for a lying liberal politician, that's quick.