ISIS decapitations lay bare the lies of 2008

Yesterday while guest-hosting on the Rush Limbaugh Show, Mark Steyn discussed the ISIS crew's manipulation of social media: tweeting decapitation videos around the world. He made a point that this "laid bare the lie" about the "frenzy" around President Monkey in 2008, specifically the use of social media.

No matter how cool First Lady Monkey thinks she is posting these ludicrous "bring back our girls" signs, the Muslims are doing better at it. Almost as Steyn is discussing it, the news comes in that a second American journalist -- Steven Sotloff -- has been dressed in an orange jumpsuit and beheaded. It's early now, but there are rumours it's our favourite British beheader who offed James Foley last month. Steyn's point is regarding the application of social media by the beheading crew, but the beheadings themselves lay bare another lie about President Monkey's 2008 campaign.

Remember this? President Monkey was supposed to "reboot America's image" in the world, recovering from the "bad old days" under George W. Bush (pbuh) when the United States of America wasn't beloved from pole to pole. So...six years in, how's that rebooting of America's image coming along? Let's ignore the low hanging fruit of the infamous reset button with Russia, and concentrate on the Hussein part of the reboot equation. How's America's reputation doing these days in the Middle East? Are they anymore beloved? The dead heads of American journalists would seem to indicate that they aren't.

Will the media who are getting their heads chopped off bring this up? How many of their colleagues have to be laying dead and headless in the sands of Syria before they start noticing that the American image isn't getting rehabilitated anytime soon? How soon before they notice that being dhimmi on the Syrian insurgency isn't doing them any favours and winning them any friends? Any chance they might next clue in that, in the same way that constantly defending violent Muslims against those evil conservative Republicans isn't saving Steven Sotloff's skin, America's reputation isn't improved just by doing the same thing on a national foreign policy?

In any realistic way you care to measure it, President Monkey hasn't done a lick in improving America's relationship with foreign countries. Reset-Russia is, as Ezra Levant noted last week, flexing its muscles while a monkey plays golf. He has lost Iraq. He's lost Syria. He's on track to have nuclear Iran and expansionist China. North Korea didn't see its relationship with America improve, nor did Sudan or "Bring Back Our Girls" Nigeria. The United States' relationship with Israel has soured so badly that pro-Democrat showrunners at NCIS have turned them into the world's bad guys, even as supposed "opponents" in the region start quietly deciding that the Jewish Devil you hate is better than the Muslim Devil who hates you.

Foreign policy wins were supposed to balance out President Monkey's domestic policy disasters. Those domestic disasters, as we well know, played out pretty much as you might expect. There have, as yet, been no demonstrable foreign policy wins other than the death of Osama bin Laden...and the "because President Monkey is there" body count continues to grow. Even poor Peggy had to pay for gas and mortgages despite her belief that the contrary would occur.

So far the only President Monkey promise that has held up is that the polar ice cap has grown and the heating of the earth has paused. Of course, it isn't politically expedient to credit President Monkey with that, so the only thing the Democrats could point to as their big success just isn't there.