Fag marriages are Eich-y

Brendan Eich, the Firefox CEO who was under fire from the sodomite hordes for his "crime" of donating to the right side of the fake poofter marriage debate has now been forced to resign.

Mark Steyn writes:

Brandon Eich is a tech genius: Aside from co-founding Mozilla and creating Firefox, he also invented JavaScript. Apparently, the disgusting homophobic hatey-hatey-hateful belief that marriage is a sacrament between a man and a woman is not incompatible with knowing your way around a computer.
But isn't that what's just happened to the Mozilla guy? Nobody's asking him to have a genuine conversion. The gay enforcers don't care if, somewhere deep down in his heart he still believes marriage is the union of a man and a woman; all that matters is that he's not allowed to say so in public. Billions of people around the world believe as Mr Eich does, and they shouldn't be allowed to say so in public, either - not if they want to keep their jobs.
George Will notes progressives for diversity 'in everything but thought':
“The people who want to reform our finances and increase government control over political speech and spending say ‘well, everyone surely can be in favor of full disclosure of campaign contributions.’ This case is an example of why some of us who used to be for full disclosure no longer are,” said Will. “The people advocating full disclosure of campaign contribution say, "we just want voters to make an informed choice." That's not what they're doing at all. They really want to enable themselves to mount punitive campaigns and deter people and to chill political speech.”
The Heritage Foundation observes that campaign disclosures for ballot initiatives make no sense at all:
While campaign finance reformers are constantly touting the benefits of the disclosure of political contributions as a means of preventing corruption, they fail to explain how that objective is served by requiring disclosure of donations in referendum campaigns. There is some logic in disclosure of contributions to candidates who then have the ability to initiate, support, or pass legislation that may benefit contributors if they are elected. But no such logic attaches to donations against or in support of ballot propositions that are approved by all of the registered voters of a state. There is no candidate or potential legislator who can somehow be “corruptly” influenced through contributions.
They also provide another reminder why when speaking the truth, bloggers such as Yours Truly need to remain anonymous:
Moreover, the ability and right to engage in anonymous political speech and activity – and making contributions is a form of political speech – used to be considered common sense. The Federalist Papers were published under pseudonyms and one of the most famous and stirring pieces of writing in American history – Thomas Paine’s Common Sense – was first published anonymously because of the danger to its author for publishing such revolutionary ideas. The same threats those authors and others throughout our history have faced for expressing ideas not in conformity with the ruling passions of the day are today being faced by Americans like Brendan Eich.

The required disclosure of contributors like Brendan Eich to referenda is now being used to harass and intimidate them for their political opinions. Those who bullied Eich into resigning, particularly the employees of Mozilla, should be ashamed of themselves for their behavior. They apparently believe that anyone who disagrees with them on controversial legal and social issues should be driven from the workplace, no matter the economic and personal consequence to that individual and his family.
This is the same reason that Third Edge of the Sword stood up for...*spits*...Stephen Carter when conservatives were trying to get him fired from his PR job.

Finally, Twitchy brings us the hilarious reality that the same website so angry at Eich that it demanded he be removed from his position is still running his code -- and in fact requires it to function.