How they celebrate Easter in Brazil

There was a picture out of Brazil earlier this week that shows some kids acting out the Easter Story. A lot of people thought it icky. Many thought it cute. SunTV's Michael Coren, however, just went weirdo when he saw it.

Coren never replied to my question, but when Chris Timson asked a question, things just got bizarre fast:

The question I had remains unanswered (and unresponded, though clearly those are different things): does Coren (and anybody who doesn't like the photo) think that these kids are too young to read the Easter story? After all, this keeps escaping the attention of adults, but kids have insane imaginations. If you think the (fake) blood in the picture makes the picture icky, imagine when the kids are sitting in Sunday School reading the Easter story how much blood and violence is taking place in the visualization of that story taking place in their brains.

There's a website on Lifeway.com that covers the ages that kids should learn various parts of the Easter story.
Middle PreschoolWhat did Jesus do?
Older PreschoolHow did Jesus die and how was He raised from the dead?
Younger ChildrenWhy did He die?
So how old are the kids in the photo? They certainly are either middle or older preschool. Which means there's an awfully good chance that they would have been told and read the Easter story.

Bonus content: The Mom blog tackles the question of how to teach Easter to young kids.