The Best and Worst of the Calgary Stampede Pancake Breakfasts

I don't know which pancake breakfast during this year's Calgary Stampede was the best.

I do, however, know which was the worst.

How about a Stampede breakfast where you were only given two pancakes and two sausages (both of which were cold, and apparently not cooked on-site), no eggs or other goodies, where the coffee was subpar and there was only non-dairy creamer (Coffeemate) available to put in it?

Now how about having only a few outdoor tables, most of them reserved, and then the remainder of the seating inside an extremely smelly beer tent?

Sounds pretty bad, huh? Now imagine this whole experience costs $25 per person, and congratulations, you have envisioned the Cowboys Stampede Pancake Breakfast

Imagine 150 people all simultaneously thinking "Paul Vickers, you are an asshole".