The perfect response to transtesticles

In the comments to this story about the controversy by blocking a trans-testicle faggot from the Miss Canada pageant, I found this gem from commenter Mttl333 that is hereby saved for all posterity:

I always felt like a Black man trapped in a White man's body. Even as a child while the other kids drank lemonade I always preferred kool-aid. When they ate oranges, I reached for watermelon. When they sat reading their books, I felt the need to jump and holler.

I started my transition at the age of 19. First I just bought some black facepaint and put it on myself while looking in the mirror. I had never felt more true to myself. Then it progressed to wearing an Afro wig as well.

Pretty soon I had the full enseble, blackface, Afro wig, baggy pants and a doo-rag, the works.

Unfortunatly there is still a lot of bigotry, hatred, prejudice and transracialphobia in society. Often times narrow minded people will say that I'm "not a real Black man." I can't pretend that doesn't hurt.

I have even suffered physical attacks when I put on my black face paint and Afro wig, walked into the local African-American barber shop and announced "what's poppin' my niggas!"

It hasnt been easy being a WtB transracial but I feel that in time, society will get over their deep seated prejudices and give transracials the respect we deserve.