2012 Alberta Election

Well, it's official: Albertans are going to the polls on April 23rd 2012 to replace Alison "Red" Redford as Premier.

Well, okay, the second half of that hasn't been guaranteed yet, but I'm optimistic. I hope to post a little more frequently over the next four weeks, highlighting how dangerous Red Redford and her "progressive" (read: anti-Albertan) agenda is for this province.

Alberta is in a unique position to make a positive change in the world. We have a conservative bent in a world where destructive liberal forces are even turning the United States of America into a third world country, we have oil in a future where oil will make and break kings, and we have jobs and prospects in a western world where unemployment is the order of the day.

But to do that, we first have to defeat Redford, Sherman, Mason, Taylor, and the rest of the left-wing parties, the champions of societal pussification, who have a well publicized goal of turning Alberta into another California or Queerbec or Ontario (or, if they're on the baby-step side of things, Vermont). We have to stand firm against their sick agenda, and make sure that Alberta comes out of this election with its nose held high, and its guns turned directly on enemies both foreign and domestic.