Fringeopolis: the 2011 Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Well, the 2011 Fringe is already approaching its final weekend. And where the hell was I? Well, I fringed over the weekend but nothing since. Hey, I just came back from a big vacation, I'm not going into debt President Monkey-style or anything.

I did see a couple-three shows already though, and there is talk that I'll be attending another one or two over the weekend. It's a slow fringe year, but on the bright side I have been exposed to weather over 30 degrees Celcius.

This portal page, which will remain up until Sunday evening, will be the summary of all fringe-related writings on this blog, same as in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and (very briefly) 2006. And, as always in the Edmonton Fringe Festival, I have the one prevailing rule:

No fags.

Day 1: Little Room