Women give mixed messages? Nonsense!

Over the weekend we tried finding a partner for a completely undatable person. Basically creating a "plentyoffish" account and desperately searching.

In the process, we came across some hilarious profiles. I tried and tried, and have found a few of the examples to share with you today:

There's this girl, who's 4th picture is her naked chest. Not interested in intimate encounters. "and as for the pic of my breasts it's art so if you think it's not please don't contact me!" Somehow I think a male equivalent of this would be laughed away by this very girl, but whoever said women are consistent?

This girl, who also doesn't want an intimate encounter, but whose profile is nothing but her ass and chest!

The funniest of all (both those I found today and not) was probably this girl. She is looking, says the top of her profile, for an "Activity Partner". Yet at the bottom, you see she has blocked any men who are looking for an Activity Partner! There is teasing, there is mixed messages, and then there is just ridiculous.