That Bitch Whom Is Mrs. Pronger - the rumour mill edition

Okay, so today at work heard a juicy Pronger rumour.. and then the Battle of Alberta posts its own. Feel free to add your own:

  • Chris Pronger and Ryan Smyth hate each other, and Pronger said either Smyth goes or he does. The Oilers told him that the face of the team for the last decade [and how well has that team he's been the face of done pre-Pronger anyways? -ed] wasn't going anywhere, so Pronger said it had to be him
  • Chris Pronger has been having an affair with a hot young little number from Sherwood Park [quite the commute for poor Chris, who's been living in Terwilliger -ed] and his wife found out about it, and demanded a move away from her to reclaim her husband...preferably to a city where one of the 10-best NHLers isn't recognized by 90% of the populace the moment he steps off of the stoop, and where nobody knows what the hell a "puck bunny" is
  • Same rumour as the one above, except that Sherwood Park girl is pregnant...and she's just from the Greater Edmonton Area, not SP specifically
  • The "family problems" is all just cover, and Pronger was encouraged by top NHL brass to take the Edmonton deal and then demand to leave to a nice big television market, receiving some juicy under the table money to make sure that Edmonton was in no danger of possessing top NHL talent
  • Update, July 1 2006 11:19am: Chris Pronger is not only having an affair, and not only got her pregnant, but the someone is Citytv's weathergirl/sportsbeat reporter Christie Chorley, who has been seen making out with Pronger in the past at Dantes. Both her and Citytv have adamently denied the rumours being true. In other words, she's gotten an abortion and there's no more proof. July 20 2006 update: A-Channel recently sent Ms. Chorley and all of their news staff packing
  • Update, July 1 2006 11:19am: Same story and Pronger/Smyth above, only this is Pronger and coach Craig MacTavish who don't get along and one or the other had to go. If this is true, ironically in April fans would have overwhelmingly told the coach to take a hike.
  • Update, July 20 2006 1:47pm: A new rumour, this one that Steve Staois had slept with Mrs. Pronger...in retaliation for Chris sleeping with the gorgeous blonde whom is Mrs. Staois.
  • Update, December 7 2006 12:44pm: I see a post in the comments that claims Pronger slept with somebody from Breakfast Television (Bridget Ryan? Ick!)

Update, July 1 2006 11:19am: I talk a little more about the Pronger rumours in this more recent post.


Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the Christie Chorley Rumor is definitely not true, but the truth is not that far off. Meaning... Right television channel, wrong program. Breakfast Television might just be a little closer to the truth.

Anonymous said...

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i hate edmonton and i hate chris pronger
and worst of all. HONG KONG SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

mad nerds on forum, thinks mrs staios rumors are true? because they are. Pronger fucked her hard