@EontheEevee123 - Have you ever considered negros are just really bad drivers?

Hey remember back when I used to do those #yegtraffic bad driver alerts? Those were fun. Anyways one of the gags I did with it was indicate the race of the bad driver. It made a lot of people, including that useless cunt Jesse from 100.3 The Bear, upset. But what I occasionally notified people of was a secret rule I used for it: I only gave the race of the driver when I correctly guessed it before getting a look at them.

Here's the thing: I'm really good at it. I'm well north of 80% accurate at guessing the sex of a driver and at least 75% accurate at guessing their race. In other words, niggers drive a certain way and I know it. Here's the hint as well, they are often bad drivers and were what triggered the infamous bad driver alerts. (Indeed, I referenced their driving habits in this infamous post)

So when folks like Eon try bleating about "racial bias" in policing, it's important that they understand how stupid it really is. Blacks don't drive the same way as whites (much like how they don't "pick up a few things at Athlone Liquor Store"  the same way as whites either) so why would you expect their pullover rates would be equal either? After all, how many percentage of police stops are from behind (where officers don't know the race of the driver)? The infamous Stanford study which Madame Eon quotes later in the thread talks about blacks being pulled over at night when, as Archie Bunker famously reminded us, cops literally wouldn't be able to tell a nigger was even behind the wheel.

Much like how they tend to commit more (serious) crimes and therefore any statistic purporting to look at "disproportionate" outputs without looking at the disproportionate inputs is meaningless, so is this one. Nobody should care how often blacks are pulled over: if they committed 100% of all traffic violations we would expect them to be 100% of the people pulled over, and no harm would be indicated by it.

What it certainly doesn't indicate is that police should be "anti-racist" or "decolonized" or whatever other nonsense Robyn Maynard is yammering about. After all, an "anti-racist" police force would harass innocent Gerald Stanley for the noncrime of shooting a jackpine savage out to do him harm...and we already have that!