Woke circular logic: now they acknowledge nonwhites are inherently unclean

You thought I was exaggerating? Nope, now treating personal hygiene of something valuable is racist against the nonwhites who are just incapable of it.

I recoiled in disgust at the thought that a living, sweating, adult person would not only actively choose to avoid washing themselves and their kids, but that they would feel safe enough to state this publicly. 

There is an immense privilege that comes with being able to announce to the world that you and your children are dirty, without fear of stigma or ostracization. It’s a privilege that is never afforded to certain socioeconomic and racial groups—especially Black and Indigenous people.
How in the span of eight sentences the author can talk about how disgusting it is that Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't wash before talking about how unfair it is that nobody thinks Jake Gyllenhaal is disgusting for not washing is an exercise in retardation we'll leave to you, the reader. 

Bonus insantiy posing as health: What's "cultural appropriation"? Well it's "stealing something from somebody that is not you" and by "something" we mean clothes that look similar to somebody else's clothes.