FactCheck.org lies about Joe Biden (guess in which direction?)

Senile Joe Biden, according to CNN, is winning thanks to his nonsensical rant in Detroit this week.

The knock on Biden -- certainly among Democrats who support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and even among many Democrats who back the former vice president -- is that he lacks passion on the campaign trail. That his promises to return things to normal and pledges to work with Republicans aren't the sort of stuff that Democrats want to hear right now.

Democrats are deeply angry at the ways in which Trump and his enablers within the GOP have steered the country. In exit polling in California's primary last week, almost 3 in 4 voters (73%) described themselves as "angry" about the Trump administration. In Texas, more than 6 in 10 (62%) said the same. And in Virginia, 58% described themselves as angry at the Trump administration.

(After the exchange was criticized by both Sanders and Trump's campaigns, Biden said Tuesday, "I'm surprised that Sanders is joining Trump. It's surprising.")

A video recently circulated by conservative outlets falsely suggested Biden supports widespread confiscation of guns, according to FactCheck.org.

Given that mood, it's hard to see how Biden getting in a shouting match with a guy saying that Biden wants to take away peoples' guns (fact check: not true) and using a few expletives to make his point is a negative (if it has any impact at all) for him.

There's also a deeply rich irony here in the Trump campaign trying to suggest that confrontations, generally speaking, and a politician using a few curse words is a bad thing. After all, this President loves confrontation! And cussing! Often in public! And dismissing those who say that he isn't acting presidential as wimps and whiners!

Yes, this is a huge double standard. When Trump tells people where they can stick it, his fans say he's being tough and standing up for America. When Biden does the same, he's unhinged.

Look. I'm not sure this one incident changes many -- or any -- voters' minds. But to the extent it does have an impact, it's hard for me to see this as anything but good for Biden as he seeks to put away Sanders in the primary and pivot to taking on Trump in the general.
Got that?

When Trump defends himself against screaming at the sky lunatics and the media who always lie about conservatives he's defended and that's wrong. When Biden, on the side who will forgive people for "racism" at the same time they try to de-platform knitters for being secret White Power infiltrators just for supporting one of the two major political parties, goes on a rant where he reverses his position at least once, maybe twice and is mocked for it that's also wrong.

Which leads us to the ridiculous "fact check" that tells us that Biden tapping the biggest Dem gun-grabber for his gun policies is interested in seizing guns. Their rationale? That Biden's published platform hasn't changed. Who cares? In 1993 the Liberal Party of Canada unveiled their famous "Red Book" that discussed in general what their policies were and what they would do in government. It lasted about 19 seconds. You can read what PresidentCandidate Monkey promised he would do as President back in 2017 when he was campaigning for the same position Biden is campaigning for today, most of which was never done. Speaking of which, the similar file for 2007 Biden. Candidate Monkey also promised things like closing Gitmo that were ultimately broken. In other words, what a platform says doesn't often reflect what the man will do. Similarly, the platform itself can change. But more critically, FactCheck is going on and on about a "mandatory buyback program" which literally nobody else is talking about. The specific words construction worker Jerry Wayne used were "actively trying to end our Second Amendment right and take away our guns." Joe Biden's gun control plan involves banning assaultrandom guns, restricting the number of guns people are allowed to own, and seizing guns from people who do not sign onto a "voluntary" government registry. It also involves increasing the seizure of people who are undergoing divorces or depression. In other words, plans to take guns. There may not be something called a "mandatory buyback program" but that's besides the point.

And will Biden be changing his platform after winning the primary? After all, maybe he'll pull a routine like President Monkey did on endorsing illegitimate sodomite fake marriages: talk about how his "opinion has evolved". There is some precedent for it...I'm not talking about former primary versus general elections either. I'm talking about Joe Biden talking about gun control over the course of that clip:
0:12 Biden: "I support the second amendment"
0:15 Biden: "it's like right now if you yell fire, that's not free speech" (this would be Biden being against freedom of speech, actually)
0:28 Biden: "I'm not taking your guns away, at all"
0:32 Wayne: "You were with Beto when you said you were going to take our gun rights away"
0:35 Biden: "I did not say that, that's not true"
0:45 Biden: "Wait, wait, wait, wait, we'll take your AR-14s away" (this would be Biden agreeing to take away a fictional gun from an XBox game)

In the span of 17 seconds Biden goes from not taking guns away to taking guns away. So why doesn't FactCheck.org consider that the most recent Biden statement we have as of the time of writing explicitly says he plans to take guns away?