Post #2500, Baby!

2015 continues to go strong, and in the same year that Third Edge of the Sword will celebrate ten years in operation, we're also here to celebrate our two thousand, five hundredth post.

Fringe time is coming up, so for the regular "here's a pathetic little liberal coward" feature I figured we might as well go with performing faggot Donovan Workun. Donovan has this problem, you see. He's really really shitty at political debates (what do you expect? He's a CBC hack). He's so shitty at them that he runs and hides with his widdle bwock button when a conservative who knows how the world works dares to educate him. So please, join us if you will in sending conservative commentary and randomly tagging him.

He won't appreciate it, but it's the only way he'll ever learn not to be so retarded.