Wind Farms vs. Dark Sky

Eventually all liberal pet causes rise up and eat their own young.

It happened to the Vagina Monologues -- now "transphobic" since it makes the ludicrous assumption that woman are women, not men in drag with a spare couple hours and a sympathetic doctor.

It happened to June Callwood, the far-left activist who famously was attacked for racism because she wrote about characters that weren't white.

Hell, even the infamous "free love" hippie era is now an era of rape culture subjugating young girls who were pressured to never say no.

But can that really compare, I ask you, to this hilarious story?

KINGSTON, Ont. -- A proposed 150-turbine wind energy project in eastern Ontario is being called a threat to one of Canada's unique astronomical features.

Opened in the summer of 2013, the North Frontenac Dark Sky Preserve was 10 years in the making and holds hope of being a major tourism attraction for the area.
In a letter e-mailed to Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli and others, resident Chris Albinson wrote that asset could be under threat if the new wind turbines are built.

"Seventy-five wind turbines with associated light pollution would destroy the (economic development) objective and the tax base of the township," Albinson wrote. "This a classic case of one arm of the government undermining the efforts of another arm of the government."
This is incredibly awesome. The Callwood and hippie cases at least had the sense of time passing between Revolution B rejecting Revolution A as evil. Hell, even the Vagina Monologues have been going on for two decades, a time in which the fags and trannies went completely off the deep end.

But dark sky preserves are all from our era! In fact, most were setup during President Monkey's reign in office. The Jasper Dark Sky Preserve was founded in February 2011, and already now they're being swept aside for the Suzuki puppets and their "green energy" nonsense? That's absolutely hilarious. Dark Sky is supposed to show us how we preserve our environment by letting people see the night sky free of light pollution (SPOILER alert: its impressive for the first 15 minutes or so, then you feel like checking the hockey scores).

Unfortunately, the green weenies are also convinced that solar and wind power are going to save the earth, so when two of their sacred cows bump up against each other they discover that their love of dark sky preserves overrules their love of "clean" energy sources. And don't forget to throw in some anti-Americanism for fun and profit!
NextEra Energy Canada, a subsidiary of Florida-based NextEra Energy, is proposing to build about 150 turbines, about a third to be constructed in North Frontenac.

A company spokesperson told council the project would provide $146,000 in municipal property tax revenue, upgrades to infrastructure and funding for recreation and community projects, along with between six and 10 full-time jobs.

In his letter, Albinson called for the Ontario government to reject the NextEra project. He questioned why a U.S. company was being allowed to possibly build a wind energy project in the area.

"Using Ontario taxpayer funds to subsidize a U.S. company that destroys an Ontario nature preserve seems grossly irresponsible, fiscally and environmentally," he wrote
Because when you're weighing the great social-justice-warrior nonsense of our era, don't forget to blame a big US corporation, being all corporationy. How dare an American firm invest in the project that supposedly will make all of Ontario better, supplying life-giving electricity while merely impacting a section of a dark sky preserve.

This is almost the left's own homebrewed version of "drill, baby, drill". Just like Sarah Palin's ANWR drilling, the actual area impacted by the development will be rather small. It's probably a dumb idea, and probably shouldn't get any government subsidies, but if the argument against a wind project is going to be the subsidies required to get it off the ground, then no wind projects should be built. Ever.