Edmonton SUN has to delete comments that expose progressives for who they are

As usual, when liberals lose an argument their first instinct is censorship. They try to hide from the mean words that proved them wrong.

So, with that, here are the comments I made to this Edmonton Sun column on Rachel Arab's sick dream of increasing taxes which the useless tits who I exposed complained about like women.

See? Property rights, tax cuts, removing regulatory hurdles...all proof of what I said.
Meanwhile, as Gunther noted, the NDP love tax hikes. They will want to increase yours, and your employer's, and with any luck when it comes time to let somebody go the boss looks right in your direction. Leftists like you are often insulated from the impact of your destructive policies, it would be nice to see a charming fellow like you be the exception to the rule.
At the rate the NDP is losing their retarded MLAs, they'll be in minority terroritory by Christmas, so you have some hope!
No, it's because we've rationally decided that the dollar Rachel Arab would take (and use to fund a lazy unionized teacher to function as a babysitter for a kid who has trouble adding two numbers togther) is better off in our own hands.
How much money is in your bank account right now? How much is your home and auto worth? Would you liquidate your assets and send it all to the provincial government to use to supposedly "better future Albertans"? Or are you just greedy?
Much like with the election of PMOTUS in the States, I'm curious to see what Rachel Arab's election does to gun sales in Alberta. I know I've already bought another one.
Not a surprise. She's a leftist. Leftists always lie.
Very soon. Rachel Arab will turn Alberta into a have-not province by early 2016
Well, we've only had a week and already we have the NDP's $103M hike to incompetent school boards. Looks like when Rachel Arab gets turfed you'll be able to put out an even longer list after a fraction of the time!
But we aren't "bettering future generations of Albertans". We're throwing them in a public school system rapidly deteriorating thanks to the "progressives" who have been running them for decades following edu-trendy BS like FFAs and "no-zeros" at the expense of learning. Then we constantly increase these lazy louts pay scales even as the school outcomes themselves fall below even the piddly level that public schools have deemed acceptable.
We're talking about THROWING MONEY AWAY ON LAZY UNIONIZED TEACHERS. If you're willing to spend MY money on such useless trite in order to make yourself feel good about your "investing in our future" fantasies, then YOU are the problem.
I liked all the non-Gunter press corps yesterday so anxious to believe Rachel Arab's spin. Just like every corrupt Latin-American socialist government she dreams of becoming, step one is denounce the outgoing guys, ideally prosecuting them for something along the way. Her theory is that when Prentice took office and saw the finances were bad, he told us that they were bad....but didn't tell us that they were even worse than he claimed. In other words, when given the chance he told a lie in order to potentially paint himself in a less favourable light. Is there literally any chance at all this would happen? If we have to decide which of these leftists is lying, it's always a good idea to pick the one further left. Are the NDP claiming finances are worse now than they really were? Would this be a scheme to make their inevitable failures look less likely and now not their fault?