Why stopping FFAs matter (and why the media and Wildrose should stop denying the winning argument)

The latest push to get officially endorsed Faggot-Familiar-Alliances forced upon schools in Alberta took yet another setback yesterday, as Premier Jim Dinning announced his government would unveil its own bill on the subject which killed Mrs. Ben Henderson's Bill 202, which was a reprisal of Kent Hehr's Motion 503 from earlier this year.

You remember Motion 503, right? If not, you should remember what I wrote at the time of its defeat:

Motion 503 was defeated this week, but there will be more to defeat next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, until sanity is restored and we no longer have to deal with mushy liberals like Kent Hehr and Brian Mason.
Well I was right: there was another one to defeat (Bill 202) and now an even more difficult challenge, a government sponsored bill yet to be tabled that promises to "balance" the rights of parents and students to speak out against sodomy and prevent schools from officially recognizing groups that are explicitly pro-poofter, and the right of proponents of a sick and disturbed lifestyle to promote their shameful deeds with full governmental authority and banning any countenance or discussion.

So that's coming. Joy.

Meanwhile, if there's anything you may have noticed if you've been keeping an eye on my Twitter feed the past few days, it's that these extremist liberals are either completely ignorant of or else willfully trying to ignore any ant-FFA arguments. You'd think at a certain point they'd acknowledge that they exist, but if you were listening to the politicians speaking about this to the media, or the media coverage itself, you'd have no idea there was any opposition to Faggot-Familiar-Alliances mandated in schools at all! Hell, don't take my word for it:
One notices that even supposedly "right-wing" columnists like Don Braid won't even actually do this. So what you have is an issue that keeps coming up (hey Alberta Liberal party! You lost. MoveOn.org!) and my side keeps winning yet the media and the online chattering classes don't even pay the winning argument the slightest lip service.

Which is why the Wildrose capitulation on this issue is so distressing. After a couple years of evidence that trying to out-liberal the other Alberta parties on social issues is a non-starter, is it too much to ask that the Wildrose party, its (remaining) MLAs, its leader, its devoted fanbase, and its media supporters clue into what the grassroots already knew and already made clear at the last AGM? Specifically, is it time to acknowledge that Wildrose should look at doing the right thing first and then trying to secure political power later? There are worse fates in this world than perpetually being the right-wing official opposition to a centre-right government. Prentice gets this for crying out loud: even without official political support for banning FFAs in Alberta classrooms, the movement (which the media is apparently unaware of) is strong enough to force Prentice to "balance" it out in legislation against the noisy pro-poofter crowd and their 3.5 political parties in support.

If Wildrose could force Prentice to do this on every single issue, they would be making our beloved Alberta a better place to live without ever once forming a cabinet themselves. It's not ideal, I grant you, but it's definitely better than this mythical future where voters look at a centre-right PC party and a less-centre-right Wildrose party and decide that the Wildrose folks are trustworthy enough (or Danielle Smith is pretty enough) to put in charge of the purse-strings...where grassroots Wildrose members are members of the governing party but apparently are unable to get the legislation they want enacted. Is it any surprise that rank-and-file members, Wildrose MLAs, and the general public aren't signing up for this exciting opportunity?

So be ready, Alberta parents. These "GSAs" are coming, and the sheep that are in favour of them can't even understand what they actually represent and what the actual analogy on their terms looks like. You've fought and defeated them once. You've fought and defeated them a second time. But the sodomite agenda being pushed on your kids is relentless. You'll need to stop it again, and this time you should aim to push back so hard that they never come back. Use every method at your disposal to stop this, and ensure these far-left losers like Blakeman and Hehr know to lick their wounds and never again return to this forum.

The future of the children of Alberta lies in the balance. Why do you think the other side is so viciously underhanded about it?

It goes without saying, of course, that this is pretty much exactly the circumstances presently occurring in Ottawa: there's a "Conservative" government in power, and they as a rule do slightly conservative things, but ultimately aren't much more conservative than a "Liberal" government was with a strong right-wing opposition keeping them in check. The loss of the Reform Party would be analogous to the loss of the Wildrose, and whether the loss comes from obscurity or merger is ultimately not as important as the loss itself.