My advice to the children of tomorrow

I'm going to go against the grain here and advise the next generation on some wisdom I've learned, of which a specific examples is currently going on behind me.

Don't become computer literate.

No, I'm serious. Don't. I know you'll hear a lot of nonsense about how computers are the future and computer knowledge will open up endless opportunities for you. This may be true, but dumb people who don't know a thing about technology besides "Flappy Birds is awesome" still exist, still will exist, and... here's the kicker:

The world will still have to accommodate them.

Since the world has to accommodate them, it will  simultaneously have to accommodate you if you chose to join their ranks (or more accurately, remain in them). The cost for you having no idea what this is all about is negligible. As a highly computer literate person I can tell you that sounds like bliss compared to listening to computer illiterate users (the group I suggest you be in) explaining their problems to the poor sap on the other end if the phone who knows what he's talking about (the cursed group I'm trapped in that I'm begging you to avoid).

If you know computers, hearing the unwashed masses try to explain things using nomenclature that they picked up I swear from Forrest Gump is like 10,000 nails on 10,000 chalkboards.

So put down that C++ manual and join a gym. If you're hot, I guarantee you there will always be people making sure your computers work just fine.