Raj Sherman: the Alberta Liberals' new drinking leader?

Facebook comment today by "Paul R. Welke" about new Alberta Liberal Embarrassment Leader Raj Sherman:

I've heard credible rumours that he's about a seven on the one-to-Ralph scale.
This is good news for me, as longtime blog readers are aware, I'm brutally in favour of alcoholic Premiers. It means fewer horrible alcohol-related laws like we saw under the Sober Stelmach Regime.

Bonus comment from Welke: "I can't actually back it up with anything solid, but the best thing about being a private citizen is that I can irresponsibly muckrake with relative impunity." This right after I basically accused Sherman of having a serious problem with non-alcohol related substance abuse. [but in all seriousness, really, we wonder if Dr. S. has been putting gasoline into paper bags recently. -ed]