Somehow I just know there's a catch...

Today we have Stephen Harper and his supporters who seek to turn Canada into an evangelical theocracy where they can put their religious ideals into action. Period. Slap any sugary coating on it you want but that fact doesn't change. That threat doesn't change.

Stephen Harper is going to put religious ideals into action? Will he stop worshipping the Big Government Buddha after all? One can only dream.

Stephen Harper has never made any such concessions to the NDP. In fact, he has declared jihad on them. He has portrayed the NDP as evil. He has called them the enemy. He has said the NDP is a threat to our country.
And the NDP, of course, have never vilified Harper. Never. Not once. Nor have their sodomist lap dogs.

There is only one person causing long term damage to our country. His name is Stephen Harper. There is only one party that rejects our democratic system. The Conservative Party.
Who's declared jihad on whom, exactly?