More people stealing tax money from hardworking Albertans

Queerbec protesters are objecting to...

...lockdown rules? No, that's silly. They're objecting to the disgusting third world trash who seem to spread this virus like vermin not getting fast-tracked to citizenship.

The health crisis has shone a light on the crucial role asylum seekers and others with precarious status play in the province's economy, with thousands working as patient attendants in long-term care homes and filling other essential jobs.

They work long hours in meat-packing plants and warehouses, or tending to elderly people in long-term care homes — low-paying jobs that are difficult to fill.

But they may not be able to stay in Canada when deportations, which have nearly ground to a halt during the COVID-19 crisis, resume.
Good. As the above passage notes, the exact same sectors that are illegally hiring these illegal fake refugees are also the sectors suffering most from COVID, mostly because as any resident of Brooks can tell you, these third world filth live in squalour and illegally pack themselves into the residences they have been provided.

They brought in this virus. They spread this virus. They have no place in Canada. As soon as we can deport the survivors they need to be on the first leaky boat home.