For Shame, #YEG

Attention Edmontonians: we have failed the internet.

I'm not being accusatory here, I have failed in the exact same way, but I'm here to help rectify the situation. I was binge watching some "You Gotta Eat Here" over the weekend and I noticed that the iconic Barb and Ernie's Old Country Inn has not yet been featured. This is a shame, the only reason I don't eat a Bratwurst Eggs Benedict from there every week is that sometimes I don't end up drinking on Whyte, Tasty Tom's exists, and I have started making them at home. So that's a second black mark on the show (the host, of course, being the main one), but that's not Edmonton's shame.

I also notice that DaDeO (not Dadeo's as everybody calls it) is also not featured on the show, while Louisiana Purchase is. It's reminiscent of Colby Cosh's line about how Patrick Roy isn't even the best goalie born in 1965: they went to Edmonton's second-best Cajun/Creole restaurant. High Level diner is another blog post entirely.

Our shame, instead, is the YouTube view counts. "The what?" I hear you say...well, Barb and Ernie have a YouTube Channel...and the view counts are absolutely pathetic.

I'm going to put them on a loop next time I run to the grocery store and you should too, because the couple who gave Edmonton decades of eggs benedict joy deserve more than 38 views on their travel videos.