I'm not saying I agree with it, but a Leafs fan at work sent this and damned if I'm not entirely sure how much of it isn't true.

Oilers - Let's keep drafting goal scorers and no other off season player skill level changes cause that's always the answer

2009 -2010 - Fall for Hall
Goal Differential minus 70

2010 - We got Hall that's what we needed next year we will be good

2010-2011 - Crap Hall wasn't the only issue lets go for No1 again
Goal Differential minus 76

2011- We got RNH now we are good to go

2011-2012 dammit again we didn't fix the problem - Fail for Nail
Goal Differential minus 27

2012 - F'N right we got Nail here comes the cup

2012-2013 - We suck again crap
19-22-0-7 - shortened season
Goal Differential minus 19 - shortened season

2013 - we didn't get 1st overall next year we will be good though our youngings are developing

2013-2014 - It's not working again lets try to add another No 1 pick
Goal Differential minus 67

2014 - we didn't get it damn

2014-2015 - Our young team is still good. Oh wait they suck again lets fire the coach - Lose all Honour for Connor
Goal Differential minus 83

2015 - Yes we got No 1 again WOOHOO McDavid is the answer

2015-2016 - ....................make a run for Chychrun??
24 games in minus12