Horseface A versus Horseface B

John Kerry is about to screw Rachel Notley.

Okay, not literally, and I'll give you a chance to get that mental image out of your head, but an Iranian deal is coming soon. Not today, likely, but soon.

Officials close to the negotiations spoke of the increasing frustration on the part of European delegates regarding Kerry's apparent unwillingness to walk away but the White House said 'genuine progress' had been made and the U.S. negotiating team would stay in Vienna as long as negotiations remained useful.

"There -- there continue to be significant issues that remain," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. "They're not going to sign onto an agreement until all of our concerns have been addressed. And as long as they continue to make progress in doing that, then the talks will -- will continue."
President Monkey wants an Iran deal to make it look like he's the big man on the global block (even though everybody in the know knows he's not).

As a result, John Kerry is under orders to get a deal, any deal, screw America and screw Israel and screw Europe and screw the rest of the Middle East and screw anybody it takes to make this useless chimp of a President look competent. The future is somebody else's problem.

Which comes to how he's going to screw over Alison Redford 2.0. Because of the impending deal with Iran, the price of oil is again in a freefall, as the end result of President Monkey's game of brinkmanship for cheap political gain.
Crude prices dropped by 1.6% to around $52 a barrel as investors reacted to the potential new supply.

Iran has plenty of oil it can export the minute a deal is signed -- there are an estimated 30 million barrels of crude in storage, according to FACTS Global Energy, an industry consultancy. An agreement could also pave the way for new foreign investment by international oil and gas giants like Royal Dutch Shell and France's Total.

The potential flood of Iranian crude has scared global markets, and pushed the International Energy Agency to lower its oil price forecast.

"Tehran has made clear its intention to lift exports as soon as the ink dries on an accord," the International Energy Agency wrote in its monthly report published July 10. "The bottom of the market may still be ahead."
Low oil prices are the constant fear drumming in Rachel Notley's head like the thousand whispering voices in the mind of a psychotic. Her sick far-left socialist dreams depend on hard capital, and oil was going to be the mechanism by which her incompetent government was going to be kept afloat.

After the May election, I was out for drinks with Martok where he expressed his deep wish that the price of oil collapsed as long as Lunch Lady Doris remained premier. He said the problem with socialists in charge of successful oil industries is that they could continue to look good despite their complete anti-liberty mismanagement and pure economic illiteracy so long as oil remained high. Indeed, once oil dropped Venezuela's government was exposed to be a corrupt fraud. Rachel Arab's government, likewise, is a corrupt and fraudulent government not worthy to run a lemonade stand.

And with oil dropping ever low, she'll be easily exposed as a far-left socialist fraud. Even centre-left Jim Prentice looked a lot less golden when the oil prices went south, and he's a competent money manager who understands how math works (and: possibly related, has a penis). Under Rachel Arab's tax-raising administration, where lazy public sector workers get hundreds of millions thrown at them despite their incompetence, it will be an unmitigated disaster. As minimum wage goes up, cost of doing business goes up, and the revenue from oil starts to dry up, companies will flee the province in droves, causing massive economic hardship, unemployment, and widespread financial ruin.

It will in the long term be the best thing Alberta could ask for. Because the Alberta NDP will be exposed for the filth they are.

Which means, in the end, that President Monkey and John Kerry tag teamed Rachel Arab and reamed her hard in the ass. So much for solidarity forever. And for that, while future dead Israelis and enslaved Syrians may curse those who useless American socialist, we thank them.