Rachel Arab is Queerbec's new ally

The "Council of the Federation", a meeting of Premiers, has been talking pipelines.

In a pre-emptive declaration on Wednesday, outspoken Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall condemned what he viewed as Quebec's meddling in the climate change policies of other provinces.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard has already raised concerns about the proposed Energy East pipeline, because of its potential impact on climate change, and because his province will not benefit financially.
"Raised concerns" is a bit of a misnomer here. Couillard is a far-left anti-pipeline nutter. Along with Lesbo Wynne in Ontario, he drafted the "seven (secret) demands for TransCanada Corp.
They include an environmental assessment that examines its impact on greenhouse gas emissions as well as an outline of the pipeline’s economic benefits for the province.
Oddly, the "seven demands" are never listed anywhere. You have to do a lot of digging to find they also include "assurances to gas customers (???), public acceptance of the project, and consultation with Red Indians. Oh, and that "outline of the economic benefits" is actually " clear economic and fiscal benefits for Quebec". The Queerbec Government also demands the federal government "assess the impacts of 'upstream' GHG emissions".

In short, Philippe Couillard is an enemy of the pipeline, and totally opposed to its construction. Which is why this is the most damning thing on the topic you'll read.
"I am convinced that we have found a new ally in Ms. Notley," Couillard said in a statement after private meeting with Alberta's premier earlier this week.
Rachel Arab has been coy on the signing of a National Energy Strategy, and on Thursday we learned why: Angry Thomas Mulcair is totally opposed to construction of the Energy East Pipeline.

No wonder Rachel Arab, who has famously been exposed as being subservient to her federal party masters, has curiously been leaving any action on these pipelines she keeps claiming to support.

The NDP are anti-pipeline. They are anti-oilsands. The Alberta NDP claimed during the election to be pro-pipeline, much as Rachel Arab claimed to be pro-pipeline just two weeks ago.

She's lying. They always lie. To vote for the NDP out west is to vote for liars, and to wantonly celebrate in your own destruction.

Which is why she's so popular in Queerbec these days.