Many Albertans are rightfully upset today that the Tim Horton's coffee chain has backed out of an advertising agreement with Enbridge, following a coordinated effort by Margaret Atwood and Judy Rebick (last seen galavanting with Avaaz.org).

The Enbridge ads would be the "E = awestruck" and "E = making memories" ads available on YouTube.

In response, several Albertans including yours truly and Members of Parliament started announcing we would #BoycottTims over their capitulation to Starbucks-drinking progressives like Atwood. Many noted that Tim Horton's is already not the first choice of the fair-trade-non-corporate-latte-sipping crowd.

What can I do?

It's simple: show Tim Horton's that their decision to remove inoffensive advertisements just because it offends social justice warriors is hurting them in their pocket.
Tomorrow morning, post a photo of your coffee receipt or coffee cup from a Tim Horton's competitor, and be sure to tag it with #BoycottTims. Put it on your Twitter feed and include @timhortons and the hashtag. Post the picture on Tim Horton's Facebook page. Instagram it. Show them the coffee you didn't buy at Tim Horton's.

There's an open debate on Twitter right now whether or not Tim's business comes from oilfield workers versus social justice warriors. Let Atwood post a picture of her attractive face drinking a Tim's coffee. Unless Albertans rally together and show that we don't appreciate implicitly slandering an industry that even the NDP agree employs tens of thousands and enriches the lives of millions more, the next time the Atwood crowd decide to silence us the recipient will back down even faster than Tim's did. And it's not like Tim Horton's has a business model that would work well if the oilsands get shut down, fuel gets more expensive, and Canada's economy declines.