I wouldn't necessarily say that, if anything they could actually be better under Prentice. At the very least, it's less clear this came with tacit approval by the boss, which totally was the case under Red Redford.

I'd be more likely to say that in the post-Redford era, victims of this sort of sleaze aren't as willing to stay quiet about it. Back when Premier Mom was running the show, there was still a fear that if you were a victim of this sort of deal it would be better to stay quiet and wait it out, hoping that you'd be rewarded with loyalty for your silence. Now that the Premiership itself isn't an immunity to being booted out for bad behaviour and unethical practices, and especially with the very real prospect that the comfortable PC majority won't be around next time to even reward your loyalty, it gives the afflicted a better chance at landing on their feet if they do decide to spill the beans.