It's the 1970s all over again

Soon after the British/Dutch/French/Spanish holdings in Africa started getting their independence, you started seeing these stories, most recently from Zimbabwe.

Last weekend it's happened again: a black Marxist, busy running his country's economy to the ground, refuses to accept the world consensus about what economic policies need to be enacted. In response, an organization (usually the International Monetary Fund, this time credit org Standard & Poor's) issues a scathing indictment of the long-term financial well-being of the nation, making it clear what needs to happen. In return, the incompetent black Marxist angrily addresses the people and insists that, despite what some silly bunch of people more rational than him insist, his country is strong and continues to be enriched by the daily meddlings of his government.

Which African nation was it this time? Errrr...