Is this the face of a killer?

Last weekend, 17 year old Niko Arlia was murdered at a party at Killarney Community Hall. 19 year old Kevin Moffett has been charged.

While Moffett's internet profile seems nonexistant, if you google image search for his name and "edmonton", you get this picture as the first image:With no photos of the suspect so far available, the question remains: is this the man who killed Arlia?

Meanwhile, Last Link on the Left brings up that Niko's friends on Facebook seemed bent on revenge, and had the gangster tattoos and weaponry to carry it out. Was Niko the target? Or was he hanging out with one of his many dubious friends?

Update, January 30 2011, 6:53pm: With this blogpost gaining increased interest, note that the comment thread covers a lot of territory about the "real" Niko Arlia hinted at in the Facebook screenshot shown above.