Traffic Circles with stoplights

Traffic Circles With StoplightsReading about the St. Albert road widening going on right now, and came across this tidbit:

About the Traffic Circle

The City reviewed the feasibility of replacing the traffic circle with a signalized intersection. Construction of a signalized intersection would cost several million dollars, which is not proportionate to the scope of the rehabilitation.

The traffic circle will be redesigned and widened to increase the capacity without the need for a signalized intersection.

Um, I don't mean to be a spoilsport, but the "traffic circle" at Groat and 118th already has a signalized intersection! Nobody in their right mind still considers that to be a "traffic circle".

So does this mean that the City of Edmonton will be removing the lights from this intersection to make it look like a real traffic circle? Or will they continue to leave the lights in place and just have a little berm in the middle? More to the point, will they forego the tickets from the red light camera in place westbound on 118th Avenue, and make the intersection look like this?