"We'll Show You Ours" -- The 29th Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival: Main Page

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It's that time of year again: time for yours truly to hit up the Edmonton Fringe. Just like last year, this page will serve as the central hub for all 2010 fringe related materials. Event reviews, site reviews, and most importantly: play reviews. You can look at last year's portal page here, and the 2007 Edmonton Fringe portal page can be found here.

As before, I don't really know what I'm seeing yet, I have actually yet to pick up a program, and typically I try to hold off until I get some feedback and know what's happening. As always, I have one rule about seeing Fringe plays:

No fags.

In 2009 I reviewed fifteen plays. How many will I review this year? Er, probably not as many. And certainly not this piece of dreck. -ed] But time will tell. The poor weather forecast may become an issue: its hard to enjoy the beer tent and the sight of hot girls wandering about when its 19 Celsius and raining. (Actually, the first full day of the 2009 Fringe was also +19, but it also got up in the high 20s later on, and we had a warmer summer overall).

Oh, one thing in particular you may wish to read from last year is the George Orwell is Not My Real Name review to see why you should check ahead of time where a play is: the site has expanded off Whyte Avenue, and this could get you into trouble.

Day 1: The Tornado! A Musical Prairie Tragicomedy
Day 2: The Sputniks
Day 3: Caligula: The Musical, Sh!tshow, It's Raining in Barcelona
Day 4: History of Lost and Found, An Informative Guide on How to Climb the Corporate Ladder
Day 5: Drive
Day 6: Fortress Mentality
Day 7: Under the Mango Tree, The Excursionists: A Matter of Seconds

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