Post #1600, baby!

Wow, can you believe it? Third Edge of the Sword is now one-thousand-and-six-hundred posts long. This overuse-of-hyphen style of blogposting has now been going on for 1,600 entries. How does this compare with some other milestones?

  • Width of a human hair: 75 μm
  • Number of towns in Luxembourg with a population over 1,000: 79
  • Number of countries in the United Nations: 192
  • Noah's age when he built the ark: 480
  • Number of blogposts at Third Edge of the Sword: 1,600
  • Number of Tim Hortons in Canada: 2,971
  • Longest term for a U.S. President: 4,441 days
  • Age of the universe: 14,000,000,000 years.
  • Projected size of President Monkey's 2010 deficit: $1,170,000,000,000 (US dollars)
Not bad, not bad...