What you missed

Whilst a bunch of pro-sodomite teachers and leftist bloggers and leftist journalists were blathering on and on about a minor provision in a bill that makes it illegal to talk about the sick faggot agenda (a.k.a. Bill #44), here's a list of the far more outrageous and useless and dangerous legislation being passed by Her Majesty's Loyal Government in Her Province of Alberta:

Bill 26:
Expanding the non-warrant powers of Fish & Wildlife Officers by not requiring "immient" action being required

Bill 23:
Making it harder for you to fight unfair assessments and prevent overpaying tax to municipalities

Bill 25:
Helping out teachers unions, for all that goodwill it engende...er, waitaminute!

Bill 39:
Raising tobacco taxes again.

Bill 42:
Corrupt police officers can now accuse you of being in a gang, and require bar owners (who themselves are often members of a gang) kick you out

Bill 30:
Legalizing red light cameras to take speed readings. Er, so they've all been illegal until now?

Bill 46:
Mandatory stab reporting from people who won't give out information anyways

Bill 201:
Backdoor extra implementation of Firearms Act

Bill 29:
More "deadbeat dad" attacks. There are actual criminals getting away with shit out there, so why are we wasting time with this?

Bill 206:
Uh, aren't these things already crimes?