More Google Maps fun

Hey, did you know that Saskatchewan has no cities? At least, that's the first impression you get from Google Maps. Take a look (click all pics to see fullsize):

Now obviously Saskatoon and Regina still exist: just that on that zoom level, their populations don't trigger a mention (no exemption for capitals, like in normal atlases, one notices). In fact, the very next zoom level provides you with both major cities in Saskatchewan [which is a hard sentence to proofread without giggling -ed]

Google Maps as a slave to population side brings up an interesting point, actually. Notice anything strange about this view of northern Alberta?

Okay, pay attention to the red "A" thumbnail:

Yes, that's right, Fort McMurray, one of the province's largest and most important urban centres, is missing. Why? The 1995 amalgamation into the Wood Buffalo Regional Municipality cost Fort McMurray its official designation as a municipality. No municipality, no city, even with 65,000 residents (a little larger than Whitecourt). One of the more unfortunate side effects of the little taxation decision was costing the community a lot of international status. Not that Sherwood Park seems to mind.