Tie another one on for size, Belinda

By now, everybody in the country has learned that Canada's most dispicable female politician is now the adultress in the marriage of the star player for Canada's most dispcicable sports franchise. This is not the kind of dirt you turn to Third Edge of the Sword to gain breaking news on, which is good, because I don't have any. I know a stripper in Ontario, and a girl who slept with Brian McCabe, and that's about as close to "Aurora-Newmarket sluts" or "PLAN FOR TEAM TO LOSE players" as I get on a personal basis.

But its such a "hot topic" story that it deserves some attention. I wrote about Belinda Stronach in the Edmonton SUN back when she switched parties, but I was not blogging at that time. My only on-site references to Belinda have been noting that the Canadian women who were accused of murder in Mexico looked like her, using her for a dig on Barbara McDougall, and comparing her to Frank Mahovlich.

Anyways, here are a couple interesting Belinda links:
Backseat Blogger asks herself "why is this a story" and comes up a little short, other than to notice that the Conservatives sure have to be glad now that she left when she did.
User "E-string" on Yahoo Answers is completely lost as to why Belinda would want a "caveman" like Tie...apparently unaware of everything sex researchers have ever told us about women. (Bonus post: While "Plan For Team To Lose" is an anagram of "Toronto Maple Leafs", "Tie Domi" is an easy anagram to "Me Idiot")
Grastoon.com has a political cartoon on the subject. For editorial cartoonists, this really isn't as much fodder as it should be. (Bonus cartoon: Who is Kennedy?)

What's my take on this? Just shock and outrage. Belinda Stronach? Slutty homewrecker, you say? A Liberal not to be trusted? I have nothing to blog about this...words simply do not describe it.