Just heard a horrible radio commercial for Lyle Oberg's campaign to run for Premier of Alberta. It sounded like the Liberal radio ads in 2004, or the Conservative radio ads in 2006. In other words, a damned woman trying to softly butter up the candidate to persuade these soccer moms to vote the right way. I've always held opposite: Women's Suffrage was a horrendous mistake, and we should try not to repeat the errors of history by encouraging them to vote any more than necessary.

Anyways, Oberg put in his nomination yesterday, being the ninth person to do that. Now he's got a fully-functional website, and radio ads, and it sounds like he's trying to make a massive public splash to get his name thrown as a front-runner through the sheer volume of media. It's probably best to remind everyone that the left hates him for the education budget cuts, the Klein loyalists hate him for his March comments urging delegates to vote en-masse against Klein at the PC Leadership Review, and everybody else hates him for his general creepiness.

Bonus curious ObergForAlberta.ca observation: The sidebar on Oberg's campaign website has a serious deictic problem: they can't decide whether this sidebar is being told to the website viewer by Oberg himself or an agent: "My Policies & Vision", "My Record", "Campaign Schedule", "Ask Lyle", etc. It's not easy to switch deixis and voice incompatibly, but they manage to acheive it.