Fantasy playoffs have begun

Well, after not having a computer for the last 3 weeks of Fantasy Baseball's regular season, I at least have access for the gripping playoff race.

Well, except for the Alberta Mariners, who are up 5-3-2 in the consolation quarterfinal after the 11/12 finish.

And the Royal Alberta Navy, with no playoff race and now 9/12 with 2 points up on 10th and 4.5 points out of 8th.

But the Edmonton Separatists are making a drive, I hope: after a 5/12 showing, I'm up 6-3-1 on the 4th place team...and that's without having a 3rd baseman in the lineup (for the past month, apparently).

The (can't reveal the team name) team in my buddy league finished 5/6. Luckily, we all play for the Championship. Of course, I'm down 4-5-3 right now. Time to nervously cross my fingers.