C'est nom est "Playing to Your Audience", n'est pas?

QUEBEC -- NDP Leader Jack Layton says Canadians are not warmongers and will punish Prime Minister Stephen Harper for continuing a misguided mission in Afghanistan.

Layton brought delegates at the party's annual convention in Quebec City to their feet with an election-style closing speech calling on Canadians to reward the NDP for their anti-war stance."
Brought people to their feet, did he? Massive applause and support for anti-war rhetoric, you say? In Quebec?

As the post title clumsily says in the three French words I know, this is called playing to your audience. Of course talking about "we are not warmongers" and "Canada's military should never hurt anyone" will play really really good to the Francophone voters. While Layton won't change his tune completely in other areas of Canada, we can be assured that he'll be a little less provocative.

Wait, I'm talking about that nutbar Jack Layton. He's a socialist asshole no matter which city he's speaking in!