Bush responsible for lower gas prices in Belgium

Dan Gainor has a column this week about the conspiracy theory that the oil companies are lowering world crude oil prices to help Bush's Republican collegues do better in November's midterm elections.

Not just would they, but could they? If you believe that, then you and Cafferty should discuss the Illuminati’s controlling world events—just to raise gas prices. But that defies the same “logic” Cafferty claims is behind oil company support for Republicans. The increase in gas prices has hurt Bush and Republican incumbents for two years. Why then didn’t these same mysterious forces keep the price low?

Because in the real world, oil companies don’t control gas prices. They’re set on world markets. They’ve dropped significantly from their recent high on August 8—declining 42 cents between August 12 and September 12. If you’ll recall, gas prices soared from $2.26 a gallon in February as Iran increased tensions about its nuclear aims. Then, on April 11, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared, “Iran has joined the nuclear countries of the world,” according to the New York Times. Gas shot up about 25 cents in two weeks thanks to our nuclear reaction.

Other big news is that Bush spoke at the United Nations yesterday, as did Iranian President Maher Arar Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Here are some of the MSM headlines following the speeches:
Two solitudes in collision: Ahmadinejad, Bush manage to avoid each other - Leaders swap allegations over nuclear intentions
Ahmadinejad: UNSC pawn of US and UK
Iran must make first move, Bush tells UN meeting
Bush reaches out to Muslims at UN: Offers assurances to people of Iran
Bush: 'My country desires peace'
W., Iranian dance in N.Y., but it's not a pas de deux [oohh, aren't you fancy with all the French? -ed]
Bush touches all bases in goodwill UN address
WRAPUP 6-Bush, Ahmadinejad clash over Iran nuclear rights [this must be from Reuters -ed]
American, Iranian presidents skip each other's talks
At U.N., Bush Urges Reform in Middle East: He stresses diplomacy and calls on the people of the region to reject 'extremists.' Kofi Annan criticizes U.S. handling of suspected terrorists.
Iranian president labels US a lawbreaker
Iran blows away Bush's warm words at UN
New Yorkers unite for war demonstration [All of them "unite"? Or is this just some left-wing gasbag trying to make professional protesters look grassroots? -ed]
Bush and Ahmadinejad clash at U.N.

Bonus link: "But finally these Islamic terrorists are saying what they mean. Al-Qaeda in Iraq said it best, saying the only acceptable thing is to convert to Islam. And that is the real aim of the Islamofascists: worship Allah or die. It has been their goal for decades. Which is why you can't reason with these people. They don't care about peace...they don't really care whether or not Israel exists...it's all about getting rid of the non-believers."


Al S. E. said...

President Ahmadinejad's views are summarized on this website: ahmadinejadquotes.blogspot.com