Besides being hot and not interested in me, the other thing Loxy and M______ have in common

(Not entirely true, I've never met Loxy and while she has a photo on her blog, I'm an anonymous guy whos political rants are unlikely to be what attracts women...I just needed a second similarity besides hotness, and M______ isn't a fan of hockey or photography)

Both girls were not impressed with their birthdays. Loxy's 25th (I think) was apparently this weekend. M______'s 21st (I think) was earlier in the summer. I'd heard from eyewitness accounts that M______'s birthday was a "disappointment" to the guest of honour: her new cheating abusive boyfriend didn't show up, and only 3 people were in attendance with one not counting (the boyfriend of our mutual friend discussed here), where I got all this info from).

Of course, on a certain level the "disappointing birthday" is M______'s own fault: she made other people plan it, and then threw a hissy fit when people disagreed with things she did and said.

But on another level, its a hype issue: birthdays never live up to our dreams in the same way and for the exact reason that Christmas doesn't live up to its billing in our cortexes. It can't. It's like a small-scale version of the wedding rule: Something is going to go wrong at your wedding. Likewise, something is going to make your birthday less memorable: your clothes are going to get mud splashed on them while you are walking down the sidewalk, or there's going to be a 3 hour lineup at the bar you've chosen. You just have to roll with the punches and live with it. The last birthday that I had that I fully enjoyed was 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 when I turned 18 21 16 8. Wait, have I ever had a perfect birthday party? (I know that if this was a photo of the attendees it would be a birthday for the Top Five at least).

I wasn't happy with the results of my birthday. Simple as that. I hoped for more and it didn't pan out.
Sound familiar to anybody else?

Bonus quote:"Robert Palmer knew what he was talking about I guess." Probably not quite as popular a sentiment on a blog as the above.