Okay, this time I mean it, this is my last baseball post of the day (and probably the last post today, too)

I should be saving this material for August to improve my numbers.

Anyways, watching Kevin Mench's first plate appearance as a Milwaukee Brewer. He just swung bit on his first pitch...always trying to make a strong impression.

I decided to do something I've been thinking of doing for a long time: putting up a chart showing the numbers with each baseball position. Announcers will always talk about a "6-4-3 double play" and nobody bothers to put up a quick graph of which positions are which. ehow.com tells you how to score in baseball and describes the numbers but doesn't put up a neat infographic. So I have decided to do this: you can see it above and to the right.

And that is my final note on baseball. Except to observe that the picture of Big Unit that tops this post is really really really creepy. What the hell is with those spindley arms? Or the incredibly weird angle? This had better be an HDTV broadcast still shot improperly scaled for the graphic. Ick.