Neurotically Yours archive roundup

One of the funniest things I've ever seen in all my life has to be "5 More Minutes", the Neurotically Yours episode where Germaine, passed out at 4pm due to a rough party/drug-addled/homework session the night before, is confronted by her pet squirrel Foamy, who's demanding a ride to the bagel shop so he can get a bagel and a coffee. Hilarity ensues.

Until about 4 months ago, "5 More Minutes" was still located in the on-site archives. But the archives are a little sparse, and many an episode is now gone. Until last April, http://www.illwillpress.com/5.html was still a valid URL to manually view the cartoon, but now that's gone as well. What is a Foamy fan to do?

Well, the best bet is to visit the Friends of Foamy archive, where Germaine, Foamy, Pilz-E, Begley, Hatta, Tech Support, and Creepy Pizza Guy all exist for your pleasure.

Youtube has a few episodes as well, so I'm using it for the best of the best that are available:

"Five minutes, what are you crazy? You know, if you were in the army they wouldn't let you sleep for an extra five minutes but I'll be nice... I'll be nice, and I'll be back in five minutes."

"I'm a pill poppa! Poppita pop pop pop pop pop pop pop poo!" I believe this is the debut of Pilz-E, who is by far the most hilarious character.

Pilz-E meets Germaine.

"Watch this is cool, you put in regular old white bread and.....wheat toast? How did you end up with wheat toast?"

This is the first Neurotically Yours I ever viewed, so it has some sentimental value.

"I know the difference between a stigmata, and astigmatism of the eye, and I have stigmata of the eye." Watch Pilz-E's pill popping during Germaine's science lesson.

"Oh sad is the world...but I have Kavorkian scarf... around my neck"

"Wait a second, did the doctor actually write no group orgies? Yep, for some reason he's under the impression that you're some sort of perverted trollup."

One of Foamy's many enjoyable rants.

"Free your mind, man" was a rallying cry at work for about 2 weeks earlier this year when I showed this cartoon to some people.

"I know what will stop this screetching of baby trunks.... candy....."

One of Neurotically Yours' big assaults on the Starbucks chain.

This episode is one of the songs on the MP3 CD I use in my car. The tunes are oddly addictive.

For the Germaine ass fetishists.

"You have a stalker, I don't. You're gonna die, I won't."

"Both movies have angry mobs, both have people who come back from the dead, so they're mostly the same thing." Jesus vs. Zombies.

Pilz-E goes on a brief little Jewish stint.

9 easy steps to becoming a bitch-hermit

I can't find most of the rest on YouTube, though they may be there. Here they are in linkable goodness:
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